What does Logic Technology Consulting Group do?

In short, we serve as your outsourced IT Department.  We will take care of all or as much of your organization’s IT needs as you need.  We will take care of your organization the same way we do our very own with the utmost care and professionalism. See our entire service offering.


What makes Logic different?

Our team is made up of people that have run entire IT Departments for a wide array of organizations.  In particular, our founder has sat on both sides of the table, both as a client and also as an internal CIO.  We have the unique ability to understand both sides of the equation.  We understand the internal challenges of running an IT Department and also sitting on the other side of the table as a client hiring a firm such as ours.  This gives us a unique prospective which allows us to deliver sound, time tested advice to our clients.  We are also very well aware that we don’t know everything about your organization nor will we claim we do, but we will dedicate ourselves to learn how your organization functions and, how to best contribute.  What’s different about you is important to us!


I hear the term, “added value” a lot.  How exactly does Logic provide added value?

As previously mentioned, we will serve your organization the same way we do our very own and with that said, we as an organization is also consistently looking for ways to do things, better, faster, more reliably and more cost effectively.  So how does this translate to you, the client?

  • We keep your technology working by proactively addressing issues before they lead to costly IT problems or even worse, downtime for your organization.
  • We monitor your IT environment 24/7/365; we know when things happen, even before you will notice and we’ll fix things before you knew it was even a problem.
  • We will review all of your technology related expenses and identify potential cost saving measures. We recently did this for one of our recent clients and identified $114k in annual cost savings for them.
  • We will ALWAYS be solution and vendor agnostic, only providing the best solution to you as our client.  We will always keep your interest first and foremost
  • We will be your trusted technology advisor! From the second you become our client, we will work tirelessly to earn your trust and work even harder to maintain that trust.


Is Logic flexible to support my last minute needs?

Most times, IT is the last thing taken into consideration when making a business or operational decision.  Having done this for a long time, we understand that and we are ready to support you to meet your needs.  Whether it’s an unexpected audit, last minute office move or renovation, hiring new staff, picking out new hardware – whatever the case, we will support you with whatever you need to accomplish your goals.  In the end, we want to contribute to the success of our client’s organizations and truly be your partner!


Turning over my technology to an outside provider is scary, why should I trust Logic?

We are well aware of this fact, and taking on such a role is not something we take lightly.  Our team is comprised of industry certified professionals that have done this for a very long time.  The team is led by an industry veteran of nearly two decades that have done this for organizations of all sizes.  From small IT teams of 1, to team of nearly 20.  From annual IT budgets ranging from $10k to nearly $5million.  We have the industry experience; knowledgeable staff with the right attitude to help you and your business grow and succeed.


What is your on-boarding process?

We meticulously and diligently plan the on-boarding of every single client, regardless of size.  We follow a proven and documented process to on board you as a client:

  • First, we spend time accessing your IT environment to identify your needs,
  • We utilize a very similar process to identify your risks,
  • Then, we create a plan for onboarding you, and we communicate the plan to you in plain English (not tech jargon)
  • Then, we execute the plan with laser focus with minimal interruption to you and your team
  • Lastly, we work tirelessly to add value to your business and to earn your trust


How can I benefit from having Logic’s dedicated IT Support team?

We are here for you!  To make sure technology isn’t frustrating you but working for you and making you operate that much more efficiently.  Moreover, if you have a question, issue you can call us and we are not going to nickel and dime you.  Our support is always UNLIMITED!


Tell me about your support team

At Logic we hire good, friendly, service oriented people – they also happen to be very good with technology.  They won’t speak tech jargon to try and confuse you.  They truly have a passion for helping people and a love of technology, the perfect formula!


Tell me more…

Logic was founded to fill a gap in the market that goes beyond just technology.  It was founded to help organizations to harness the full power of technology, helping them navigate the ever evolving IT landscape and deliver comprehensive IT strategy for the organization.  A IT strategy that meets the needs of the organization today and one that will allow you to grow and thrive!  We will work alongside you and help with planning, budgeting and implementing any strategic or tactical initiatives – we want to be an extension of your team!

If you have any questions, we haven’t answered here, please reach out to us – we won’t bite

Contact us here.